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Do respect and have respect urfi. I know what I want, looking for a partner to complete each other dayent. Catch me if you can Fharz. Looking a simple man Laiel.

Relationship is about two people loving each other and understands each other.. I am seeking for friend and hope to jump a new level myquinne.

- asian euro

Im faithful, loving and caring and sweet. I am stick to one man. Easy to be with mia pj. Enjoy life have my own family khaledibd. Catch me if you can Looking for true love genn. Serious relationship anne cabrera. Looking for friends maybe more later Zakaria Loves playing guitar and singing.

Please talk to me , everyone welcome takashi We never know what is going on! Simple serious girl looking for a serious man. A very independent women who is trying to find real love sophisticated Looking for real and serious.. Looking for a lifetime partner Yelo Whatever you want, you can draw it forth. Let's begin with a simple "Hello" Chereen.

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Life is Beautiful julybaby. Let's try this one more time. Looking for serious guy and enjoy life rich Single and Looking Rhys Meet me Loraca Callao. The best choose me nekoi. Looking to my especial one. Hi dear, want me? Most of the scammers are from the big city. Bohol is a good island, the people are very simple and real.

Again, take your time, pay attention to what they say. I wish you great joy and happiness. Its true guys i am also a member of AE but sad to say i failed to find a good man. They dont know how to respect ladies. Its so bad that they treated women as there sex toys on cam.

They usually pretend to be nice at first but later on you will be surprised they are starting to bid you how much is your price of making them happy on cam. I hope those men will realized what they are doing is very rude and rediculous. Mhieme, I have found that most of the women who did contact me actually offered cam sex in return for help….

Some would even send western union contact info on the first off-site meeting on Yahoo messanger…. Most never even read my profile…many would then change countries…It is not just the men or just the women…I just wish that I could have found a lady with my ideals and desires…My question is what good is cam sex????? Talk, fall in love and marry…. I am sure that there are good ones in the world…just hard to find…May God bless your search.

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Of course men would want the so-called sex because it is a human need. But, my reason why i prefer a foreigner to love is because i have never felt to be loved by a filipino who is sincere and responsible for his actions. I have always thought that European men are more practical and straightforward, and i like those traits.

I have been to Europe once and met different kinds of people so i have got the idea from experience. I know that not all European men are kind or good people but i just hope that i would find a man who will accept and love me for who i am despite the fact that i am a filipina. Why are there so many filipinas on that site? Dont be a fool and trust their sweet words.

They are in reality looking for money. So its a kind of prostitution. They are looking for a better economic situation and they want to sent money to their parents and relatives so they do not have to work Thats what you can expect with a filipina. If you have bought a house or lot in Philippines in her name then you have lost that too.

Several of my friends who was married to a filipina were so helpfull that they took them to the ships with filipino crew arriving to our city. Filipinas obviously missed something small and the result came 9 mounts a black curly haired baby. Take care they are not only scammers but superscammers by planning their secret agenda of having a divorse already when they are getting married.

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Please note that we grow up in different culture. We never leave our parents after we reach 18 years old? The most common error of selecting partner is the visible age gap. As far as have known. How could you expect an old man aged 60 to 70 years old choose a young woman aged 20 to 30 years old??? An advice, if you want really to have a good and lifetime marriage consider the age and know the person so well. And be reminded, divorce is not honor in the Philippines. A lot of Filipinas here because literacy rate in the Philippines is very high.

But sometimes in love you most gamble specially if you love that person.

Just let god guide you for you can chose the right person. And no cheater,lier if you will not tolerated them. Dont loose hope life is so full of surprises not in money but in the true meaning of life. I was a member two years ago: What got me though was tat the guys expected me to pick up the bill, i. When I told I cannot afford the fee any more, to exchange messages, they ignored it carried on writing anyway, expecting me to cough up again…. In my case I was scammed for thousands of dollars because I fell in-love. Well, here I am still looking for that right guy.

Are you the one? I have experience the same just like others. I been a member for a few years now but im not religiously waiting and hoping to get the real one bcos of my work and my other interest outside world. Whenever I open my mail i got lots from mostly scammers they are just so stupid to believe that I could fall their trap. I ignore and blocked them right away. The dont even view my profile and simply sent interest in me put me as their favorite and send me a fully dramatic letter saying they are WIDOWS, have children and they mostly work in an oil company in Africa or in Europe and so many bullshits goin on.

Thank you asian euro for i found love…. I was a member of AE for 2monhts and beginning of everyday emails i have before until it got my attention for one email,which is really clear and able to understand what is the content of the letter. I responded the letter as soon as i could although i have doubts about it.

But i need to try this to know and give a chance. May after second email from Minnesota USA from that day after he ask my number and give me a call hours evryday! Be true to yourself and looked your heart what you are missing about life and find it and pray for guidance …it works! He was able to answer my pryer that i would find my man through space and time whatever the distance between us our love will wait!..

I just told them it doesnt matter to me and just smiled to them.

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It works only you have to Believe have pryer! I thank you so much AE for this site I found my wonderful husband! I met the woman of my dreams here, been married for almost 2 years!!!! I would never trade my wife for all of the gold in the Universe!!! Every single day I thank God for this caring loving woman I married, I could not live without her for long. My experience of Asian dating 4yrs ago is not so pleasant. I met an African guy who study in Kuala Lumpur. We chat via ym, he said that he will come to Indonesia to visit me, but when the time comes, he said that he has no money, because the money is used for business purposes.

And ask me to visit him in KL. I said no, because he had already said he will come to visit me.