Dating royal vienna porcelain

Any Bindenschild that is stamped in blue underglaze or overglaze and has perfect symmetry and shape is not a Vienna Porcelain mark.

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If inscriptions, signatures or letters are arranged in such a way that the mark appears as a beehive, then it is not a Vienna Porcelain mark of the Vienna manufactory. Any impressed numbers, except molders and turners , and year numbers from are indications of a forgery.

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Letters, words or shapes in gold overglaze are indications of forgeries. If part of the base is covered with a golden shape, this shape usually hides the original manufacturers mark. Any number over painted in color overglaze, is not a decorators identification number for the Vienna manufactory.

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Any number over 27 in blue underglaze is not a decorators number for the Vienna manufactory. I was hoping that the marking could get us some leads.

Let me know if you need more pictures. Tinytim , Apr 7, I know the beehive mark is for Royal Vienna porcelain Should I change the title? To make it more accurate. Yup you are right.

royal Vienna porcelain plate - dating help

See this link http: Do you have a good magnifying glass? Look closely at the figures. If it is transferred, you will see dots.

If it is hand painted you will see brush strokes. Most were made at reputable Studios and by accomplished Artisans, usually in the Bohemian region of Europe, but also in England, France, Italy etc.

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Some Artists and Studios of that period include: Although most ca s — s marks were applied by hand, so some may vary ever so slightly from item to item, there are usually one or two details that help in attributing them accurately, especially with the help of a book or website — for example, see our own marks4antiques.

Some of the more recent uses of the beehive mark are applied by stamp, usually in an industrial manner. These much newer items are sometimes also of good quality. In case it helps, most of the very recent Chinese beehive marks we have seen tend to be a bit more rounded.

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