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Skout is a bit different in that you type in the location of where you are, say at a bar, festival, or a museum, and you search to see others located nearby. Imagine an app that works without internet access? You mean if I see a fine man sitting two rows ahead of me on my flight, we can cyber flirt? Hell, yeah, thanks to Airdates Buckle Up.

Wingman sounds different because, well, it is. You friends can describe you and help you find a suitable match. You can meet other travelers who may want to split a taxi to or from the airport or just make a new friend. Yet another app for travelers, but without the lengthy questionnaires and boring profile drama that makes you sit for an hour trying to come up with a cute, fun description of yourself.

What makes Travel Host Date extra special is that they make it really difficult for escorts, scammers or catfish to sign up by making members verify at least one photo. Lady Travels seems a bit similar to Miss Travel.

Women get to sign up free, however, while men do need to pay for a premium membership and sign up by using their Facebook accounts. But what do I know…check it out for yourself.

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I recently found out about eLoveDates and have not personally used it yet. It states that this is a free site for men and women, but rarely have I seen a dating site that is truly free other than OK Cupid or Plenty of Fish, but even those, as well as Tinder, have paid, premium versions as well.

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Please let me know if you have any luck, or what your thoughts are. Another site I have yet to use but sounds promising. Dates Abroad offers a free membership but there may be charges to use communication features. One of our readers brought this dating site to my attention, and I must say InterNations looks fantastic! With over 3 million members and over 5, events every month, this expat community is a great way to meet people.

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The site lists a hot air balloon competition, a renaissance style party, and an Armenian Oriental dinner. However, I added it here for two reasons; one, to warn women that sometimes the men who offer you a free place to stay which is what Couchsurfing is, a site for travelers seeking free accommodations and new friends might have an ulterior motive, and two, because there are some people who do meet through Couchsurfing and fall in love. Or hook up because they choose to. I have stayed with men only a few times, and they were respectful and really cool guys.

But I have also had men let me know before I arrived, thank God, what their intentions were.


If and when you get harassed by men simply seeking sex unwanted sex, I mean make sure you report them to the admins. However, when I went to Morocco, I received offers from men who wanted to host me, and one from a female. I accepted her offer and now she and I are great friends.

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Have you used a dating app to meet guys or other travelers? Or would you consider using one? Let me know what your experience was like in the comments below!

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I knew about some of these, but most are new to me — will have to check out a few. You may want to also look at joining Internations as a way to meet people. You can also invite people to join you for adventures around the place and make spontaneous plans. The best thing about this app is that you can add multiple or upcoming trips as well as your current trip.

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Meet fellow travellers or start a conversation with a local of the place. You can even find new activities to indulge in or get information about accommodation with the help of Tripr. MissTravel To install this app, men have to pay a membership fee while women can join for free. Check out the app here. Skout Working in countries currently, this app shows you people who want to indulge in the same activities as you.

Check out the app here 5. Tripr The best thing about this app is that you can add multiple or upcoming trips as well as your current trip.