Dating a psychology student

My point was you have to believe in yourself and dont let yourself be dragged down by the rat that room around if you want to survive and succeed in life. I've talked to psych majors before. They always try to pin any problems I have on some sort of retarded explanation. Like, the reason why I'm scared I'll fail in school is due to the fact that my dad didn't hug me as much as I'd like when I was little. I know shit's bad right now, with all that starving bullshit, and the dust storms, and we runnin' out of french fries and burrito coverings.

But I got a solution that will fix everything! My basketball coach in junior college was a psychology major. He was one ruthless SOB! He would say something like: Well, I focussed on developmental psych and child behaviour, so I can only relly fuck with kids' heads. Now, where'd I put that baby? Is that why you think that you're "perfect" as you say? And since you've brought it up, lets talk about your mom.

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10 Psychological Facts About Fidgeting

I wish that I had her skills at writing but at 70, that ship has sailed. I enjoyed this even tho it is something I always suspected. Humor and truth make good room mates.

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I really enjoyed it. Glad you enjoyed this! Hope your friends both the deep and mid-deep thinkers, hehe enjoy this as well! About humor and truth making good roommates — I agree. As they say, the best jokes are true, and the best truths are jokes. On the serious side there is sad truth here also. They and their families sometimes suffer.

It is like PTSD. I am sure that it is not as intense with psychs but it must take some of the magic out of human interactions. I see your point. Thank you for sharing that insight, Pat! I never really considered how jaded the outlook of police officers and some psychs can become because of what they continually get exposed to, but it is indeed possible. Reblogged this on Life with Brittany. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Maybe you can make one for Med students! Sry bro, you know… Like Like. Just great, cheers to us Psych majors. Thank you for affirming. Oh, …this was brilliant! Love the cartoon as well, perfect!

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Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for visiting my page and dropping a line. LOL, very cute and true! Haha, thanks for reading! Glad to do it.

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Love your sense of humor! Thank you so much! Glad you got a chuckle or two from this! I had fun writing it. Looking forward to reading your posts as well. Thanks for the chuckle! Glad you found this amusing! Thanks for dropping by my site and reading. Haha, glad you enjoyed this piece! Thank you for reading.

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