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Holzle wouldn't reveal membership numbers, but GenePartner, a Swiss company that works with matchmakers and dating sites, has tested more than 1, people, according to chief scientific officer Tamara Brown.

Dating Site Uses DNA Test To Find Compatible Partners – CBS San Francisco

Some were already coupled and took the test out of curiosity. The idea is that people tend to be attracted to those who have immune system genes that are dissimilar from their own. Biologists say the HLA genes of the immune system — which are responsible for recognizing and marking foreign cells such as viruses so other parts of the immune system can attack them — also determine body odor "fingerprints.

In one study, Swiss biologist Claus Wedekind found that women who were not taking hormonal contraception preferred the natural scent of men whose immune systems were the most different from theirs. Rocio Moran, medical director of the General Genetics Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic, called the idea "ridiculous," and said the science of attraction is too complex to look at only a few genes.

Love is no coincidence!

Rates of women who are opting for preventive mastectomies, such as Angeline Jolie, have increased by an estimated 50 percent in recent years, experts say. But many doctors are puzzled because the operation doesn't carry a percent guarantee, it's major surgery -- and women have other options, from a once-a-day pill to careful monitoring. When a random sample of married people was studied, their immune systems were not that different, said Patrick Markey, associate professor of psychology at Villanova.

And he notes that hundreds of studies have shown the importance of personality and physical appearance in choosing a mate. For some, factors such as whether the person smokes, is fat or wants children will override biological compatibility, said Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and author of "Why Him?

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Rachel Herz, author of "The Scent of Desire," who teaches olfaction and human behavior at Brown, believes the science is legit but thinks prospective matches should swap T-shirts and sniff. In fact, people are more likely to sign on to a dating website or app instead of traditional methods of meeting and dating folks.

Why does math-based matching work so well? According to Lauren Rosewarne , a sociologist from the University of Melbourne suggests that it is because, with math-based matching, there is a limit that can be set to increase or decrease the chance of being matched. Take a moment and think about it. But, what happens when technology becomes so advanced that we start using our DNA to find a match?

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It might not be as crazy and far-fetched as you think. In , two companies, Instant Chemistry and SingldOut, made waves when they launched their new genetic testing service that was geared toward helping users find compatible partners. How does it work?

Dating website matches you based on your DNA

All the users have to do is spit into a test tube and send it back to SingldOut. You might be wondering if DNA testing really works.

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