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Available on Prime Marie Antoinette. Game of Homes Season 2. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention project runway project accessory designers accessories season episode contestants fashion. Showing of 21 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Prime Video Verified Purchase. I'm a huge fan of Project Runway and am often amazed at the drive and sheer skill and creativity the designers show. I had great hopes for this as well but it was a watered down dull copy at best. The hostess was lovely but wooden or painfully over-sincere. The talent feedback often subjective and individual rather than educational and enlightening.

The contestant rarely thrilled with their creations and were almost uniformly forgettable as designers. Capable perhaps, but not breathtakingly good or bad for that matter. I watched and watched and hoped for growth or the feeling I was watching talent and creativity but was so uninvested that I didn't care at all who won in the lackluster finale. I loved the premise of the show. The failure lay half with the casting and half with the unreasonable time expectations placed on designers.

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Hat making, shoe making and bag making are incredibly time intensive. Each challenge should have been given several days to produce compelling work. The show also needed a more aesthetically diverse set of designers, a much more charismatic set of judges and a more inspiring mentor. I feel good about my purchase because I appreciated that I could watch the designers making a variety of accessories. However, most items were dull and unremarkable. I love everything they make about Project Runway. Although the later season's were edited poorly, the first few seasons on DVD were edited lots better.

Looks like they got lazy. I would love to finish my collection as I have all the ones sold on DVD.

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I also wish they would have continued other seasons of Project Accessory. Even though I'm a senior citizen I love to continue expanding my mind and love to watch any creative projects from start to finish. Just wish they would meet the wishes of people who have been diehard advocates of this series and give us the remaining seasons not available on DVD. I am in the fashion industry and my teen daughter is a big fan of Project Runway - we live in India and we get the CDs when we travel and had seen all the 9 seasons that were on dvd.

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Since the next few seasons were not out on DVD and Indian regulations do not permit us to download Project Runway all star we were turkeyig for project runway kind of stuff so ordered project accessory We enjoyed it- it was shorter than project runway and did not have as much dramatic exits and bitching as PR had probably because the stakes were lower, everything was trying to replicate big daddy PR including the hostess We enjoyed watching it together as we love this industry but otherwise PR is more un.

I didn't get a chance to see it on tv. The only disappontment was that it didn't last longer. If you like accessories I think you will love Project Accessories.

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The competitions included creating hats, shoes, belts, jewlry etc. The contestants are so talented. Unfortunately some were extremely good at some things i. But as a whole I loved the show. I very much look forward to another season. I'm so sorry the show was not picked up for more seasons, but I'm glad I watched this since I like the accessory challenges. Accessories usually take a back seat to clothing designs, yet can make or break an outfit. I didn't always agree with the judges, but the show was fun to watch. You won't learn a lot about technique, but there are some gems a designer could learn.

This is so inspiring!

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I absolutely enjoy every episode of it! I almost did not buy this because of the negative reviews but I'm glad I did! One person found this helpful. The show was fine, I guess - but not up to the standard set by Project Runway. I have to say I was disappointed in the selection of the winner, who seemed like a smug, egotistical fellow.

The work of the other two finalists were much more elegant and wearable. The winners work was barely palatable. See all 21 reviews. Get to Know Us. We can not assure fit and shipping costs on bimini tops, etc can be more then the top itself. Do you have paint, decals and matching seats for older boats?


We only carry these items for about 5 years from the date it was manufactured. The easiest way to get paint is to visit your local Automotive type paint store and have them best match it. Is there a diagram or schematic for my wood floor or transom?

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