Dating super reverb amp

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The JBL speakers had aluminum dust caps with larger magnets and voice coils, this gives a fuller response range and handles more power reducing the risk of "blowing a speaker". These models also add to the overall weight of the amp, making casters wheels a very good option. Introduced in , this silverface combo amplifier was discontinued in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

Fender Silverface Super Reverb

Vintage Noiseless Wide Range Fender vibrato systems. Retrieved from " https: Instrument amplifiers Fender amplifiers Guitar stubs. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Hrvatski Edit links. This page was last edited on 5 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The amp is not at my house right now so I can't check the serial , but I will get it tomorrow. My amp has blackface cosmetics and the old un-grounded 2 prong plug.

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The previous owner did modify the amp but I never really asked too many questions, it was a great deal. There is now a 3 prong power plug coming from inside the chassis common mod? If anyone knows the year they switched to a grounded plug I guess that would give me an idea.

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I bought the amp at a used reissue price so I'm not too worried about it being vintage but it certainly seems to me that its older than I thought. Oct 28, 2.

Dating Super Reverb

Check out this site, also get the numbers off the transformers assuming they are original Oct 28, 3. Info on dating via Serial Number More dating info: SLBlues , Oct 28, Oct 28, 4.

Fender Super Reverb Amp Speaker shoot-out Part 2

Oct 28, 5. How long have you been dating. Oct 28, 6. A little over a year.

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As usual, i'm not really interested in the details until i decide its a keeper. Oct 28, 7.

Fender Super Reverb: Please Help Me Date This Amp - Album on Imgur

A is the serial. I guess she's a silverface 69? Oct 28, 8. Oct 28, 9.