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Going back to , researchers Zimmerman and West published a chapter in the book Language and Sex: And a study published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology found women are interrupted more than men are. This only scratches the surface of the research. We also have the stories of women again, see below who experience mansplaining and domination of conversations by men day after day.

Men run roughshod, because the cost of confrontation is so high, and it would be an emotionally draining, continual job to do so.

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And the trilby-hatted basement dwellers sing: My wife, who is probably the smartest person I know, asked me to explain mansplaining to her. Know how I informed her? Then I drove it home with a sampling of the anecdotes below. I listened to women and shared their knowledge and experiences. Speaking of listening to women, my wife is an MD. There are women who want to learn what you know, and you must be willing to learn from them as well. The IT guy at my work tried to tell me about how vaccines cause autism. I have a PhD in immunology. Tells boyfriend a nutrition tip to help his training.

My PT friend told me this great nutrition tip! My ex-husband is a builder and submitted plans for a project in our town. I looked at the plans and pointed out an issue. His plans were rejected by the examiner and sent back for revision for that very issue. That means I did my masters in the field of mathematics, probability; that includes gaming theory and I literally listened to lectures on this exact topic.

I ride a motorcycle. I also travel on my bike, often solo, and have done multiple Iron Butt rides.

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They go up from there. Dated, ever so briefly, a guy who informed me my bike was not adequate to travel long distance on and held the view that it was not safe for women to travel, by bike, alone. I looked through your drawer to see if I could find your bra size and all you have are those thick kind…not the lacy kind.

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I know how sizes run differently in things. Why are you getting angry over this? I simply want to do something nice for you! I used to play bass in a band. At one show, I was unpacking my bass, and a guy from one of the other bands performing that night asked me what kind of bass I have.

I told him it was a Fender Mustang. Guy I had just started dating decided to explain WWII to me, despite the fact that I had written a thesis on that period of history. I gave him a verbal spanking and he was appropriately contrite. Shortly after landing, the wind started to pick up. It was necessary to start an accessory motor in order to fold and secure the rotor blades to the body of the aircraft to prevent damage. YOU need to step away.

Once a guy online corrected me about where episiotomies are located.

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Anything and everything about football. Somehow his experience in home restoration outweighs my psychology degrees and 15 years of experience dealing with people with mental health and addiction issues. A gentleman on Facebook tried to explain to me how the estate tax would impact over the road truck drivers.

When I corrected him he produced web articles as sources that he incorrectly thought would counter my point.

I was the sources. How many periods have YOU had?! First date with an engineer. He explained to me within the first 5 minutes that vaccines cause autism. He also tried to show me how to hit a baseball. Note that I played fast pitch most of my life and I hit way more balls than him at the cages just saying. A couple of non-industry dudes have kindly taken the time to explain how best to cook bacon. I have been studying martial arts for 20 years and have 3 black belts in 3 styles; I have won state championships—mostly fighting men.

After having sex for the first time, he asked if I orgasmed. It takes time to even find someone remotely worthy of your affection. And it damn well takes years for someone to understand the way you are and accept you for that. Annoyance from waiting can turn into little veins of disappointment. I find myself disappointed when no one taps me on the shoulder in a Barnes and Noble asking about my latest book choice like in the movies I love to watch while on my period. I find myself most disappointed when the attention I receive stems from wearing a killer little white bikini at the pool or being bent over on the dance floor shaking with all rhythm have in my bones.

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This all may be a product of my environment, but yet the disappointment lingers in my mind as I go out drinking on the weekends again. Will all the quick connections I make be worth my time in the long run? There is no quick fix like duct tape to form or break an emotional connection.

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There is no algorithm that allows me to quickly find the best person for me in the world. There is no way to determine if someone is worth your time without giving them some of the precious seconds afforded to us on the this earth. If you are one of these Subscribe To Posts Atom. Tesla Says Adamick Ready to Wi Nikola Tesla - "Dr. Tesla Visions the End of Aircr Nikola Tesla - "Man of the Future" - An interview Nikola Tesla - 7 Short Articles from the Newspaper

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