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Monday to Saturday 9. Please take the time to read this information carefully, as it will provide you with the information you will need to ensure the safe, secure, and timely installation of your new spa.

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The following sections are guidelines on how to prepare for delivery and set-up of your new spa. Specifically covered are site selection, delivery access, ground preparation, and electrical requirements. Before signing for any delivered items, please make sure that you have inspected the packaging for damage and if necessary take photographs. We cannot be held responsible for any claims made for damaged items once the goods delivered have been signed for.

Blue Whale Spa will send a single delivery driver and ask that at least one fit able bodied person be available to assist with removing the tub from the trailer. Blue Whale Spa will send at least one delivery driver and ask that at least two fit able bodied people be on site to assist with moving the tub into position. Blue Whale Spa will send a two person team and ask that at least one fit able bodied person be on site to assist with positioning the tub if necessary.

If lifting equipment of any kind is required, this is the responsibility of the customer to organise a suitable crane or lifting equipment.


Hot Tub Site Preparation| Blue Whale Spa Hot Tub

When the tub is being lifted the responsibility for safety and any damage which occurs to the tub or property is the responsibility of the crane or lift operator. Site selection and preparation are your responsibility. Carefully read these instructions and contact us if you have any questions. Blue Whale Spa must be informed if there is an existing hot tub in the delivery location that will need to be moved to allow access. This will incur an extra charge. Also any cabling from existing hot tubs must be as per Blue Whale Spa specifications. If we are not informed that we will have to move a tub, or that incorrect cable is in place, remedying this will incur extra costs.

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A filled spa can weigh a great deal. Make certain that the location you choose can support the weight of your filled spa. If you install the spa outdoors, a reinforced concrete pad at least four inches thick is recommended for your Hot Tub.

Delivery Methods and Access

If you place the spa on the ground, even temporarily, place stepping stones under the levelling areas. The stones should be at least two inches thick and twelve inches square. Even with stones in place, the spa will inevitably settle and become unlevel. Plus, a spa surrounded by dirt or grass will soon be filled with dirt or grass from users feet; therefore, it is important to get it onto a solid foundation as soon as possible.

Consult a qualified building contractor or structural engineer before you place the spa on an elevated deck or indoors. To find the weight of your spa, its contents and occupants, please contact us. If you intend install a tub and surround it with decking, please bear in mind that you will need to install access panels to allow access to the sides of the tub for maintenance and any remedial repairs that may be required in years to come.

Hot Tub Site Preparation

This is also the requirement for tubs that are sunken into a pit or are indoors. If you have your tub surrounded by decking that needs to be removed before work either warranty work or otherwise can be carried out, this must be removed by yourself prior to our engineer arriving at your property as we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your decking or tub surround when it is removed for repair or maintenance purposes. Bear in mind also that decking will vibrate and can have the effect of amplifying the sound from the pumps with its vibration.

First, obtain the dimensions of the hot tub you have ordered from us.

You will need to consider the Spa will be delivered on its side on a special hot tub trolley system. Height can also be an issue, mm must be added to the longest dimension.

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Any obstructions will have to be removed to allow access. Also you must consider that the trolley is not flexible and will need a wide turning area to negotiate any corners. Steps can also be an issue as hot tubs are heavy bulky items that can be very difficult to transport up steps. Extra assistance by several fit, able bodied people will be needed in the event of needing to get a hot tub up several steps. Be aware of some special requirements if you place your spa indoors.