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This is a new 8 piece Whitworth Combination wrench set. There are no cracks in these handle covers.

Favorite Matchless Amp model and why

What they have are a few black smudges on them. This will not affect performance at all. It has great tubes in it and works great. If you are not fully satisfied with your item, for.

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Wordhas it that Mr. Burnette was a serious perfectionist and had Mark build thisusing only the best components available, to the highest standard and qualitythat could be done, for the ultimate Matchl Driven by one 12AX7, simplistic in design but with a wide range of function and tone.

The creamy tone of the Spitfire perfectly galvanizes the bridge pickup sound for both classic and modern rock soun Thus preventing any possible "rack rash" or scratches. If it were a guitar pedal, avoid sticking Velcro on it a Ron , Dec 23, Dec 23, 2. Mine is exactly like that. I think though the SN is something. I'll have to check. As great as it's been, it's too damn present, and therefore gives the appearance of being too loud. I even just bought a set of super expensive NOS Mullards for it, as well as a Bad Cat Leash, and while it sounds awsome, it cuts too much and the band complians.

I love it, but I think I'm going to have to release it from my basements captivity. Dec 23, 3. I had a Dec 23, 4. The picture of Riffmeister's amp shows: Underneath is the white paper tube chart. Earlier lighting was comprised of three or four 47 bulbs in sockets mounted to the top of the chassis. That's a very clean amp, Riff, thanks for posting the image. Dec 24, 5. I have the Chieftain prototype.. It is definately not a production amp..

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Dec 24, 6. GnG04, IMO, my two amps from the Magic First 50 production run sound better than my two later amps from and - sweeter, more musical maybe. You probably have a uniquely built amp.

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  4. I recall a conversation with someone at Matchless Rick, Mark, Phil??? He said that they recognized the first production amps would give Matchless its future reputation and so they worked hard to make them sound good. Guess I could simply look at who signed the chassis! Also, he said they used some surplus electronics parts from a local dealer, so there may be some parts differences with the later amps. Zekmoe, if your amp turns out to have some of these unique features like , would you please post them and any images you have? Ron , Dec 24, Dec 24, 7. Ron, another difference which really struck me when I saw pics of your amp is the label used on the speakers.

    Looks like they were almost hand-made on your early amp, mine looks like a mass-produced label.

    Matchless Amplifiers - Wikipedia

    Dec 24, 8. This is great information! I'm really into Matchless amp - and the history behind them.

    Matchless 15 Watt Amp Shootout Spitfire, Lightning & Nighthawk Comparison Demo

    I've got 3 myself. A 93 Clubman, 94 HC used to be Mastervolume's , and a recently added 96 Chief head no pics yet - but Phil built it! I'll post some more detailed photos later but - here's a pic of my Clubman on top of my HC head. Maybe this is standard back then - but the Clubman's head box is smaller than the HC Today - they are all standard, at least from what I can tell. I'm sure non of these are in the "Magic First 50" but - Sampson era none the less! Dec 24, 9. I remember when these first came out. Had there not been as many made we would be talking about these eveyday on TGP like the endless Dumble and Clone threads.

    Much better sounding amps and much better built amps.

    Red Planet , Dec 24, Because the amplifiers were so costly to make, we didn't know if customers would actually buy them. After all, it was like taking a step backwards into an older "garage technology" and then asking more money for it. Chris designed the amp's trademark light-up logo. Steve Goodale joined them as a co-founder in , bringing financing and marketing to the company. The amplifier won first place [1] and effectively helped launch the company. Mark Sampson went on to design the Clubman 35', followed by the 15 watt series consisting of the Spitfire, Tornado, and Lightning.

    This series was followed by the Chieftain, Superchief, and Thunderchief.

    Very Early Matchless C-30 amps - any TGP owners?

    These models were all designed while the company was in the early stages of its development in North Hollywood, California. The models created following the C series were an attempt by the company to create a unique entity within the market place. While Mark was the chief design engineer, Rick handled production duties and administration with much overlap in job duties as the company grew. Chris handled computer related assignments, CAD engineering and purchasing. Due to the growing demand, the founders elected to become partners with the U.

    Music Corporation in January This merger was done to acquire much needed growth and capital. During the partners tenure at U. Rick Perrotta became the manager of the Anaheim production facility where Matchless, Randall, and Vinci were located. Chris Perrotta would be responsible for mechanical engineering, blueprinting, and other fine detail work for all the brands of the corporation. This merger lasted until October when Mark Sampson acquired Matchless without the other founding partners.

    Sampson stayed on with the company as President and C. Matchless is widely regarded as being the company that kick-started the boutique amplifier craze in the early nineties, paving the way for other smaller manufacturers like Dr.